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It's worth investing in a set of wireless headphones, Standing on or yanking the cable when you want to DJ is infuriating and happens often, also most head units are not dual-zone capable(playing one source in front speakers,while playing another to the rear) In addition,different audio signals playing at the same time bother many people.The best solutions to the problems is wireless headphones which can play the audio for the movie or game while others can listen to the main audio.The reason you are reading this article is to choose the best possible wireless headphones.
There are different brands of wireless headphones in the market.check out our wireless headphones buying guide for different brands.

The interactive chart of Headphones below and the analysis

that follows will help you decide what the best headphone is to you

If you want to make the best decision for yourself,you must take into consideration both cons and pros of certain products.Trust me ,there is no perfect headphones but some wireless Headphones can actually get closer. Read our wireless headphones buying guide for proper understanding.

Ultimate wireless Headphone Comparison guide and Key.

wirelessheadphonesweight Battery life RatingspriceWarranty Frequency Hz
Parrot zik

Bose AE2w


8 oz8 4$$$lifetime.
MEElectronics Air Fi-Runnawy

12 4.6$
Sennheiser RS 180

Audio unlimited spk-9100

250g3.5$50 -12 000Hz
Sennheiser RS 170

2 7.6oz4,5$$$2 years18-21000Hz
sennheiser 220

329g6-83$$$24 months16-22 000 Hz
Beat studio wireless

Sennheiser 160 digital

226g244$$$2 years18-21000

3.04 oz43$$
Sennheiser 120

230g4$$2 years22-19500Hz
TDK WR 700

16 oz10 4$$$20-20 000 Hz
Logitech UE 9000

104.5$$$2 years limited warranty
jvc haw600rf


$ is less than $50,$$ is $50-$100 and $$$ is above $100.
What Are Wireless Headphones.

These are Headphones that connect to a device such as computer,stereo speaker,gaming console or other devices without wire or cable.They are used by many people daily for work or play and are popular with gamers since it allows the user to move around without disturbance.It’s also good for people who watch late night movies to avoid disturbing other people.Headphones were invented as far back as 1910 by Nathaniel Baldwin and some of the features include Bluetooth, noise isolating and noise cancellation ,wireless capability and others.

How To Find The Best Wireless Headphones That Meet Your Needs.

Having taking a look at the chart above,You will have a better understanding of features to consider when making a decision on the best headphones. some of the most important aspect to put into consideration when making decision include

  • price
  • weight
  • ratings
  • warranty
  • battery life
  • Frequency

In my own view,the most important aspects are price,weight,battery life and customers satisfaction.

Money-wise, people tend to go for the cheapest products available in the market but this should not be the case when making a decision for the best wireless Headphones instead the value for each dollar should be calculated.

When it comes to weight think of where and how you want to use the headphone, is it on the go or at home?,just think of what your needs are.

The ratings and customers review should not be neglected since it will give an overview of the products in AMAZON. it is important you look at different reviews made by each customer though it will take time but the end justify the means. Another thing to do is to check out how many 5 stars and 4 stars review and the value.The last but not the least is the battery life of the product. both the charging hours and operating hours should be put into consideration.

Based on these features listed above,here are the reviews of the my best 4 wireless headphones.

Top 4 Wireless Headphones.

Parrot Zik Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones with Touch Control – Black/Silver

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear 926MHz Wireless RF Headphones with Charging Cradle

Bose AE2w Bluetooth Headphones – Black

Sennheiser RS 170 Digital Wireless Headphone with Dynamic Bass and Surround Sound

Parrot Zik

Listening to music and being insulated from external noise are features more and more smartphone owners are looking for.parrot has designed the perfect solution introducing headphones that acts as an extension to your thing I like about this device is it’s sensitive touch panel that gives hyper-intuitive access to various features available.Also the following are some of the advantages that are worth noting:

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Hands-Free calling
  • Head detection Sensor
  • Bluetooth simple pairing with NFC
  • Parrot Concert Hall’ effect

Another thing i like about this product is the feature of Don’t stop the Music even the battery is dead,Zik plays on with the jack cable included.

sennheiser RS 120

This is light weight Rf wireless Headphones system with open,supra-aural Headphone.They feature a transparent ,well-balanced sound with excellent bass reproduction,making them an ideal choice for both hi-fi and TV use.It has a transmitter that is fitted with an “easy Recharge” function for conveniently recharging the included headphone batteries.It offers freedom of movement,stylish design and optimum comfort.One of the things I like about this product is the ability of the headphone to receive sound through the walls and ceilings so you won’t have remain in the same room with your equipment.power comes from the NIMH batteries that are recharged by simply putting the headphones on their transmitter base that can be mounted to the wall. Aside from above mentioned features other striking features of this product include

  • Ideal for all types of modern music and TV use
  • Three selectable channels
  • Very light weight and comfortable to wear
  • convenient controls for easy intuitive operation.

Bose AE2w

Bose gives you the freedom to enjoy your movies,videos and music unplugged.It’s offers full,natural sound and a comfortable around-ear fit plus freedom of movement.You can watch your video on your Ipad and reach out for a cup of coffee,or talk on your smartphone and retrieve files
from your desk,untethered and untangled.Bose features exclusive Triport technology,which enables full-range sound-the clear highs to full lows-from a light-weight design.Also active equalization in the control module that provides a noticeable improvement to the sound quality.This headphone keeps you connected to your devices with a range of 30 feet that will let you move around freely,while still listening or engulf in your music or video.Aside from that,the following are it’s properties that are worth noting:

  • cushioned ear-cups and adjustable headband which enables you to wear the headphone comfortable for hours.
  • The product can be connected to two devices simultaneously.

Sennheiser Rs 170 Digital wireless

This product is made up of a pair of wireless headphone (HDR 170)and multipurpose transmitter(TX 170)which also functions as an “easy charge’ cradle and docking station.The Rs 170 also features a Dynamic Bass Boost and surround sound stimulation mode for edge-of-your-seat excitement with your favorite music and movies.There is no setup needed,simply plug the transmitter cable into your HDTV or home theater system output and you’re ready to go.It operates on 2AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries.The transmitter also act as a charging stand for the headphone when not in use,and can fully recharge depleted headphone batteries in about 16 hours.Other features that worth noting include;

  • Dynamic transducer systems with powerful neodymium magnets which deliver clear and detailed audio reproduction
  • Kleer’s uncompressed digital wireless transmission delivers CD-quality sound
  • TR 170 transmitter with multi-receiver capability,enabling up to 4 people to listen to the same sound source


Choosing the best wireless headphones can be tedious especially when you have many options to choose from.  We are here to help you find the best wireless headphones that you live to enjoy. Remember to drop your comment so that we can know how far you enjoyed this article. If getting the best possible experience is your utmost importance, you are in the best place . This article is specifically for you. Don’t forget to share this article

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